Have you ever found it a little troublesome to look for THETA and take it out of your bag each time?

On a day when you feel like going out and taking photos with THETA, we recommend the TS-3, a soft case with a strap dedicated to THETA!

This allows you to quickly take out THETA at any time. The design is based on THETA user’s demands.
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Here, we introduce some of the details of the TS-3 and actual usage examples.

1. THETA can be stored with a monopod attached for quicker shooting!

We highly recommend using THETA with a monopod (selfie stick) so that it can minimize hand in frame and allow natural, ergonomic shooting.

Shooting with THETA with a selfie stick

360 degree image taken with THETA Z1 with a selfie stick

Sometimes we all feel too lazy to look for THETA and the monopod in our bags and we miss a shooting opportunity.

The TS-3 soft case and strap has a button that can be fastened even with the monopod attached, so you can store THETA in the case without worrying about it falling out.

Storing THETA in the soft case with the monopod attached

The strap has a looped band for securing the monopod, so you can carry it around your shoulder with the monopod stable.

The loop was designed to be the perfect size to use with TM-3, an exclusive selfie stick for RICOH THETA.

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2. A beige color that suits any outfit

The basic color allows you to wear the case like a shoulder bag matching any fashion.

The strap is removable, so you can also store it in your bag, using it as a case without a strap.

3. A safe way to carry THETA hanging on your shoulder

The soft case TS-3 is shaped to fit THETA SC2* and protects the camera with a thick synthetic leather.

The soft case TS-3 is shaped to fit THETA SC2* and protects the camera with a thick synthetic leather.

It’s designed for a tight fit with THETA so the lens is firmly protected.

In addition, the buttons can be securely fastened, so you don’t need to worry while keeping it on your shoulder while you are out and about.

* The soft case TS-3 can be used with all models except THETA Z1.

Some real world impressions with TS-3

Mizuka with TS-3 soft case and THETA SC2

“I used to take THETA out of my bag, attach a selfie stick, and finally shoot. But with TS-3, I can easily carry both THETA and the selfie stick attached.

It’s very useful because I can quickly take it out of the case and shoot whenever I want to.

Also, its color matches any outfit so I bring THETA out with me as a fashion accessory,” said Mizuka.

Mizuka with SC 2 and a selfie stick TM-3

“This THETA soft case is such a cute design and the little loop is great for carrying a selfie stick.

I usually use backpacks, so I think I’m gonna use this by making the strap a little shorter and attach it to my backpack,” said Aki.

Aki with the TS-3 soft case and THETA SC2

Taken with THETA SC by AKi

How to attach the strap

We briefly explain how to attach the strap to the case itself.

The TS-3 soft case and the strap arrive separately, so we have to attach the strap to the soft case first.

Thread the string as shown in the image below with the looped band on the inside.

Fold the string back and fasten, fix the other side to the metal fittings of the soft case itself in the same way, and you’re done!

TS-3 is a very convenient soft case with a strap exclusive for THETA.

Try it with a selfie stick, and have fun making lots of memories in 360 degrees!

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Photo:@minatymom103, @hmk_1002, @aiaki_1