If you’re a fan of 360-degree photography, you may have stumbled across content created by Jasmine Johnson, also known as @WhiteAsian on Instagram. We got the chance to chat with her about how she uses her RICOH THETA cameras and why photography is such an important part of her life.

Can you introduce yourself?

Jasmine: My name is Jasmine Johnson, also known on social media as @WhiteAsian. I’m a 22 year old Filipino-American creative based in Phoenix, Arizona and a recent graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Fashion. My hobbies include fashion design and 3D printing — I love sharing and selling my creations online through different platforms.

What does photography mean to you?

Jasmine: Photography has always been a necessary part of my process in how I document and share my creations online, but being able to make content that is new, exciting, and stands out in a oversaturated social media market is why I love the uniqueness of 360° images. I use my iPhone and DSLR most often for my product photography and I use my RICOH THETA 360° camera for showcasing a lot of behind the scenes work. My favorite photos to take are ones that show my day to day life whether it is my workspace or travel. 360° photography allows me to share and remember an experience in a way I never would be able to otherwise — it’s a powerful visual storytelling tool.

Where did you find out about RICOH THETA and what made you purchase this type of camera?

Jasmine: I discovered RICOH THETA after seeing a 360° video on my Instagram explore page. I was fascinated and had never seen anything like it. I knew that I wanted to create images and videos that invoked the same feelings of surrealness this one had sparked in me. My dad actually surprised me with my first 360° camera, the RICOH THETA S. The market and technology for 360° products just keeps getting better and better.

The durability of RICOH THETA products is unmatched. My first THETA camera had great battery life and lasted years, but I ended up upgrading to explore new features. I have the Ricoh Theta V now and I continue to choose THETA because it fits my lifestyle. It is minimal, slim, lightweight and easy to carry on the go.

It’s very easy to use — in just one touch of a button I have a 360° image. I can shoot, edit and upload all on my phone without having to worry about complicated setup. The THETA+ app lets me stitch and edit 360° photos and videos without having to navigate other third party apps. This ease allows me to be more in the moment and capture it that much better. I value this as I have tried other 360° cameras and found them either bulky or challenging to edit footage, requiring a lot of time and patience.

Your most memorable and the best 360 degree images…

What an amazing photo! Can you please tell us a bit about it?

Jasmine: I selected this photo because I was able to share a part of my life through 360° photography, my creative workspace. It is a photo that I spent a lot of time on, making sure that the lighting, angles and editing were just right. I love being in my own 360° images because it feels like the viewer is able to look into my world that much more. It is a great raw image for editing as well, and when turned into a tiny planet, the vibrant colors of my setup act as a focal point hoping to invoke the feelings of creativity.

Wow! Where was this photo taken?

Jasmine: This photo was taken in Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room – Lets Survive Forever” exhibit in the Art Gallery of Ontario while I was traveling in Canada. What made it so memorable was that guests were only allowed to be in the room for 60 seconds with no re-entry, so I knew I only had one shot at getting a photo. While I was able to be in the moment and take it all in, I was also able to capture it just before time was up. The viewer is able to experience what I experienced through 360° which is amazing.

Your favorite edited 360 degree images…

What is your most favorite image that you edited?

We love how you utilized natural light in this photo!

Jasmine: Facing in the direction of the sun gave me great lighting and created a halo effect around the tiny planet. I was able to edit out other people and shadows in this image, which makes it look as if I am the only one there. The sun is fully shown in this shot and was positioned just right when I had gotten to the top of the mountain on a hike. It literally looks like I am standing on earth itself.

Fantastic! Do you have another favorite photo you edited?

Can you tell us about this shot?

Jasmine: In this photo I tried to experiment with neon lights and different angles, laying down in a room with my eyes closed. I wanted to create a dream-like, futuristic effect since it was taken at night and have some fun with it!

You are such a talented photographer! Can you share some tips on shooting in 360°?

Jasmine: Just like with any other type of photography, I always try to focus on taking a well lit photo — it makes editing easier and the photo that much more real. Paying attention to detail has made a big difference in my 360° photography. There are plenty of photos I have taken that could have been that much better if I had waited for a person in the background to pass by or moved an object that takes away from the final shot. I also think that taking my 360° camera with me EVERYWHERE is crucial. There have been so many random places I come by that may seem ordinary but end up being incredible if looked at through a 360° lens.

Do you usually use THETA+ app and any other editing tool?

Jasmine: Yes. I also use the Photoshop Fix app to remove unwanted objects, shadows etc.

Are there any accessories you are using with your THETA?

Jasmine: I use a THETA soft case, selfie stick and occasional tripod for other kinds of 360° effects.

Thank you so much, Jasmine! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your dreamy and wondrous images taken with THETA!

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Instagram: @whiteasian