Grab your trench coats and pipes, because RICOH THETA 360 cameras are helping lawyers and crime scene investigators solve cases and do their due diligence at the scenes of accidents and foul play. When it comes to gathering evidence for a court case or the evidence room, nothing beats the speed and convenience of shooting an entire room or outdoor area with the click of a shutter button. And systems like OSCR-360, which uses THETA 360 cameras for image capturing, are being adopted by cities and police precincts like these Dallas County deputies. Want to know how 360° photography can help your law firm or department? Scroll through to find out!

For civil lawyers, fully understanding your client’s situation is paramount to building a successful case in court. If your client was the victim of an accident, whether vehicular or due to observable negligence like building code violations, being able to capture the scene or an accurate recreation is the best visual argument you can present. Need some cold hard proof of 360° photography in action? Check out our previous interview with Mr. Ogawa, a lawyer who regularly utilizes his THETA Z1 to capture essential imagery of accident sites and real estate properties in the midst of legal disputes.

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!▼

With 360° photography, crime scene investigation is made easier and more comprehensive for detectives looking to solve outstanding crimes and to keep their constituents safe. The aforementioned adoption of OSCR-360 camera systems within police departments in the US has helped investigators map areas of interest in mere minutes, rather than the hours it took previously with standard camera equipment. This method of in-depth and streamlined evidence gathering will surely pave the way for 360° camera technology as a staple for both industries in the near future.

So we’ve told you why THETA 360 cameras are useful for lawyers and detectives, but how can you personally make sure that your 360° photography is solid enough to be reliable? It’s the same advice we give to hobbyists and architects alike! Knowing how to manage lighting is key to capturing the best quality all-around images, and HDR will be your best friend. This is where the THETA SC2 for Business comes in, a specialized and affordable camera loaded with the “Room” preset – an HDR mode that evens out the lighting between dark interiors and bright exteriors in the same shot.

▼360 degree image taken with Room preset▼

Whether the site you’re investigating is secluded or in a busy and populated area, you’ll want to minimize the amount of people visibly crowding your shots (including yourself). Luckily, there are a couple easy ways to properly time your photography remotely: the self-timer feature, and the JOBY Impulse remote controller. With these timed and remote shooting methods, you can snap quality 360° images while you stay out of sight, observing through the THETA basic mobile app. An even simpler method that allows you to keep yourself out of the shot (while still holding the camera), is the time-shift shooting feature. This setting snaps a photo one lens at a time with a slight delay between each shot, allowing you to step out of view without needing to walk away from your camera.

▼Time shift shooting scene and result▼

If you’re ready to take the next step in streamlining and advancing the processes in your industry, try out a THETA 360 camera for yourself and bring it along to your next assignment!

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