Bluetooth ‘Remote Control TR-1’ is a new accessory now available for the RICOH THETA series 360 degree cameras.

The TR-1 allows you to shoot remotely without connecting to a smartphone.

Main features of Remote Control TR-1

If you take a photo by pressing THETA’s shutter button it’s impossible to avoid getting your finger or yourself in the frame. To get around this you can use the self-timer function on the body or connect THETA to a smartphone with Wifi for remote shooting. However, it can be tedious to wait for the self-timer countdown or to connect to a smartphone. Because of this, we received many requests from THETA users to make a remote control for THETA.

The Remote Control TR-1 is a genuine THETA accessory providing the ability to reliably connect to THETA. The TR-1 can also be conveniently attached to official THETA selfie sticks: RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3.

Features of Remote Control TR-1

● Easy remote shooting without the need to connect to a smartphone via Wifi
● Can be used by attaching it to RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3 with the included holder.
● Easy operation just by pressing the shutter button
● Thin design with a thickness of only 12mm
● Drop-proof body for outdoor usage
● Bluetooth Low Energy power saving technology
● Maintains pairing with THETA for 8 hours consecutively (no need to reconnect)
● Coin-type lithium battery CR2032
● Compatible models: THETA SC2, THETA SC2 for Business, THETA V, THETA Z1 (as of September 2020)

Remote control TR-1 is only about the size of your thumb

Take a look at the Remote Control TR-1 in the image below.

It is small but pleasant to the touch, so it can be held firmly.

Here is a size comparison with THETA bodies. It has a soft curved design similar to THETA.

TR-1 is always on standby with energy saving. Press and hold the shutter/power button to activate it, then the LED light will turn on.

There is a strap-hole on the back side of the remote, so you don’t have to worry about losing it as long as you use a strap.
(The certifications are blurred on this sample unit.)

How to pair THETA and Remote Control TR-1

Once THETA and the remote control are paired, the link will last for 8 hours continuously. Generally normal bluetooth remotes turn off automatically in a few minutes, requiring it to be reconnected each time. But TR-1 can stay on and connected for 8 hours, so it remains paired with THETA even if you travel and use it for most of the day.

The way to connect TR-1 varies between THETA SC2 or SC2 for Business and THETA Z1 or V.

Check out this article “How to use a remote control (Z1, V, and SC2)” for instructions on how to connect.

How to connect THETA SC2 and SC2 for Business to Remote Control TR-1

1.Press and hold the self-timer button. (The remote control icon flashes.)

2.Turn on the Bluetooth remote control to pair it with THETA. (The THETA camera emits a sound to indicate it has finished connecting to the remote control and the remote control icon turns on.)

3. When the connection is complete, the LED on the remote control flashes green 3 times rapidly , and the remote control icon appears on the OLED panels.

4. Press and hold the shutter button for 3 seconds or longer to turn off the power of the remote control. The LED flashes red, and the power turns off.

How to connect THETA Z1 and V  to Remote Control TR-1

For THETA Z1 and V, update the camera firmware to latest version in advance, so that Remote Control plugin is installed automatically.


Start the Remote Control plug-in by pressing and holding the Mode button on the camera. Turn on the Bluetooth remote control to pair it with THETA. Press the Mode button and select “Exit Plug-in”. Press the shutter button to exit the plug-in before shooting images.


Select the plug-in “Remote Control plug-in” with the basic app. Start the plug-in by pressing and holding the Mode button on the camera. Turn on the Bluetooth remote control to pair it with THETA.  The camera status lamp changes from white flashing to white turned on without flashing.

Use TR-1 with genuine RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3 for more comfortable shooting!

Two holders are included so that the TR-1 remote can be used with the official RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3.

There is a THETA logo on the holders.

When you use the remote control with a RICOH genuine self stick, you can easily shoot with the selfie stick fully extended and with THETA out of your reach while keeping the remote close at hand.

You can also watch a video about the TR-1 functions and how to use them! So check it out!

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