Key Takeaways

- Scottie captures properties with the RICOH THETA X and RICOH THETA V because of their integration with the Zillow 3D Home® app that allows him to create virtual tours seamlessly. 

- The next generation of home buyers are searching for homes differently, increasing the need for immersive content produced by RICOH THETA cameras. 





The real estate market has  transformed over the past few years, shifting the way prospective renters and  buyers are searching for their next home. Online property listings are a customers’ first touchpoint and an imperative component that can influence their interest and motivation to buy. In fact, a recent Zillow study found that 71% of sellers said they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services. And three-quarters of sellers said including a floor plan was a highly important characteristic for their listing. 

Scottie Davison, a professional real estate photographer, understands  the correlation between online listing image quality and buyers’ attention. To ensure he captures listings in a high-quality, true-to-life manner, it’s all about camera choice.  He shoots with the RICOH THETA X, the newest 360-degree camera to join the RICOH THETA series with advanced features and superb image quality, as well as the RICOH THETA V, a model that strives for ease of use and high performance. Paired with Zillow’s virtual touring and interactive floor plan appZillow 3D Home®, Scottie is able to produce top-quality listing content for his clients.


Scottie has offered Zillow 3D Home® tours and interactive floor plans to his clients for nearly five years and was an early beta tester of the product. Scottie chose to work with Zillow’s 3D Home® app because it is a cost-effective way to run and distribute his content to an audience of about 200 million unique users who visit Zillow each month. He uses this tool every day with nearly 20 clients, and although each month is different, he updates about 30 buildings per month with Zillow 3D Home® tours and interactive floor plans with 360-degree real estate photos.


Scottie uses the RICOH THETA X and RICOH THETA V nearly every day because  they integrate seamlessly with the Zillow 3D Home app, including the capture and creation of interactive floor plans that place listing photos within the floor plan for an immersive viewing experience. The camera is an excellent tool to capture 360-degree real estate content, a medium that has increased extensively since the global pandemic. The pandemic forced the real estate industry to adapt as users’ needs adjusted and they wanted photos, videos, interactive floor plans, and virtual tours to view a property remotely. The next generation of homebuyers and renters needs more immersive content, so having a camera like RICOH THETA is ideal to capture entire rooms with just the touch of a button. For prospective buyers or renters, Scottie shared that there is about a 60-second window (typically scrolling through two to three rooms) of viewing time to hold their attention, so using a higher quality camera can peak interest and increase the time a user spends viewing a property. 

Scottie started with the RICOH THETA V utilized it regularly for about 3 years; however, he has recently upgraded to the new RICOH THETA X. He enjoys the new model’s improved features like its large touch screen, interchangeable battery, and external memory cards. He recommends this upgraded model to shoot architecture or commercial spaces, sharing that his clients are noticing the higher-quality photos it captures. As quality continues to improve and photo standards change, he plans to use the RICOH THETA X exclusively.

360-degree virtual walk through captured with RICOH THETA
Photo credit: Scottie Davison


When shooting with RICOH THETA cameras, Scottie typically brings along accessories like a monopod and case. When shooting residential spaces, he typically shoots about 25-30 images and ideally wants the room to be empty - no people, pets, or furniture. When he is ready to photograph, Scottie mounts the RICOH THETA 360-degree camera onto a monopod and sets up the timer so that he can press the shooting button and leave the space to ensure that he is not in the photo. Once the photo is captured, he re-enters the room to check the images immediately to make sure he has the desired shot. 

If needed, Scottie will edit the images at home; however, he often does not retouch photos and would rather re-shoot the photo in the space than edit it. He will immediately upload photos he captures with RICOH THETA X to the Zillow 3D Home app simply by using his mobile phone. Once the residential listing that he is photographing goes live on Zillow, it will automatically connect and have the 360-degree imagery. After a shoot, Scottie will also use his computer to check the address and make sure all assets are in the right location. 


The RICOH THETA 360-degree cameras are ideal choices to deliver high quality real estate content and integrate seamlessly with services such as the Zillow 3D Home® app. Scottie’s workflow proof points of how quickly and efficiently RICOH THETA and associated platforms can work together to  get the job done, delivering photos that entice prospective buyers or renters. As technology continues to advance and image quality becomes improved, users will expect nothing less than a 360-degree floor to ceiling view of a space. 


Scottie Davison with THETA X


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