Jason is a real estate agent with many years of experience and a passion for assisting clients through innovative tools and expansive knowledge. We’re excited to learn more about Jason’s expertise and day-to-day goals!

Hi Jason! Thanks so much for taking the time to connect with us. Do you mind introducing yourself? 

I’m Jason Carey, a RE/MAX real estate agent based in Rochester, MN. I’ve been in this field for 19 years and complete about 100 transactions per year for clients alongside my wife and business partner, Tiffany. As a team, we are able to provide the best possible service to our clients by combining our individual strengths and talents. We guide our clients with integrity and honesty through the home buying and selling journey.  

I’m proud to call Rochester home and volunteer with various organizations in the city to give back to the neighborhoods we work in each day. 

Jason Carey holding a THETA X

That's Super interesting, Jason! Can you share how you first found out about RICOH THETA? 

When COVID first hit, I saw an advertisement for RICOH THETA, which led me to purchase the RICOH THETA V, an early model. Over two years of using the THETA V, I found it very useful for capturing my properties in a realistic manner, ultimately enhancing my listings. This led me to enroll in a class, in which I was lucky enough to win RICOH’s consumer-friendly, easy-to-use-model, the RICOH THETA SC2. Eventually, I decided to upgrade to the RICOH THETA X, the brand’s newest models with many firsts including a large touchscreen interface, and interchangeable battery and memory card.  

2152 Beacon Dr SW ©Jason Carey

That’s great! Can you tell us about your experience with the RICOH THETA? 

To be transparent, I am not a professional photographer by any means. I am a real estate practitioner first, but have delved into photography in order to improve the content I utilize in my listings. I have taken a liking to creating virtual tours with RICOH360 Tours. Before  every showing, I am able to give potential clients a highly  detailed view of the property before they even step through the front door. To date, I’ve created about 57 virtual tours. Once the property sells, I deactivate the tour, but do archive it on my drive to refer back to when needed. 


That's nice! What aspects of RICOH360 Tours and the RICOH THETA camera have you found most useful? 

My favorite feature in RICOH360 Tours is the  floor plan generator. During the busy season when I am on the go, I love anything that can save me time. I find this feature  so helpful and seamless to operate because I can easily connect the camera to my phone via the app to view content. I’m not an expert when it comes to technology, so it’s great that it’s so user friendly – I can figure it out. 

In regards to the RICOH THETA X, I really appreciate its durability. Though I try to avoid any harmful situations, the camera is heavy duty and difficult to damage. It is also convenient that I can charge it in my truck while I am on the go.

2254 Ponderosa Dr SW ©Jason Carey

Before RICOH THETA, were you using any 2D imaging devices? 

I wasn’t personally using any 2D imaging devices. Before discovering RICOH THETA, I would hire a private photographer to capture the property since I didn’t really have the technology to do it myself.   

That's awesome! Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us, Jason? 

I really feel like using the RICOH THETA camera and RICOH360 Tours elevates me as a realtor. It’s innovative and allows me to really go above and beyond to deliver the best content for potential clients. I tell my industry peers all about it, as I think there is a strong space for technology like this within our industry and I look forward to continuing to hone my content creation skills.

Thanks so much for your time, Jason. It was fabulous to learn more about your experience and how you like to use RICOH THETA products. Be sure to visit Jason’s website and Instagram to see what he’s up to!