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What Does Our Lead Nurturing Feature Do?

This incredible feature makes email marketing a breeze, allowing you to connect easily with potential buyers and showcase your properties like never before. Why waste time and money on outdated marketing strategies when you can achieve excellent results with email marketing?

Email marketing has an average ROI of 4400%! That's right, 4400%! So, if you still haven't tried this powerful resource, now is the time to start.

Creates Stronger Brand Awareness

A lead must know your business's identity, what you do, how you differ from your competitors, and how you can improve their life. They need all this info before they start buying from you.

The right lead nurturing tool helps you establish a relationship with your leads, giving them all the info they need to start trusting you. And in no time, your brand becomes the first thought on their mind when they are prepared to purchase.

Automates Operations for Cost-Saving

Lead nurturing software makes it easy to automate time-consuming, repetitive operations like organizing meetings, following up with prospects, answering comments on social media, and sending follow-up marketing and sales emails. Automated processes ultimately save time and money.

Filters the Convertible Leads

Viewing your leads through a spreadsheet is very different from evaluating them in dedicated lead management software. RICOH360 Tours will give you a graphical interface that makes it simple to filter, group, and apply particular tags to leads so you can handle leads more efficiently. As a result, leads are no longer just emails. They have scores, interests, behavioral data, and other information on people. The fresh insights have increased the potential to boost sales significantly.

Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns with RICOH360 Tours

With RICOH360 Tours, email marketing has always been challenging. Copy and paste the URL of your virtual tour into your email and watch the magic happen. You can track how many people visit your space from your virtual tour page's "Analytics" tab and even see open rates and engagement using tools like Mailchimp.

We know your time is valuable, so we've made it our mission to make the email marketing process as simple and efficient as possible. With RICOH360 Tours, you can create captivating virtual tours to help you stand out from the competition and connect with potential buyers on a whole new level.

Analyze the traffic to verify the effects of multiple platforms

Virtual tours you create are issued a unique URL. These can be shared via websites, web portals, social media, and so on. With RICOH360 Tours, you can see how many people visited the virtual tour and from which website.


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