Virtual tours are commonplace in the real estate and property management industries. The trend has led to innovations like 3D modeling and visualization, 360⁰ images, and drone footage. These technological solutions have greatly helped showcase properties to potential buyers.

But to tell you a simple truth, floor plans are still highly appealing to buyers. This is why we built the FLOOR PLAN GENERATOR for you.

What Is a Floor Plan Generator?

Our floor plan generator is a cutting-edge solution that allows you to generate the 2D floor plan of a property directly from a virtual tour.


Value Of Floor Plan

Here's the benefit of a floor plan.

  • Sellers receive more inquiries for properties whose floor plans are listed.
  • The floor plan of a property is more important than the summary description or main image.
  • Prospective home buyers may not schedule an inspection if there is no floor plan.

We want this for you at RICOH360 Tours. We want you to attract, convince, and land prospects in record time. You should be making more sales and standing out from the competition.

How To Generate Your Floor Plan:

Generating a floor plan is as easy as pie! You can do it in four simple steps.

  • Log in
  • Select the tour for which you would like to create a Floor Plan
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select the floor plan generator.
  • Click on continue, follow the remaining prompts, and click on place order.

And that's it!

You can use our floor plan generator after signing up for our paid plan.

Get one floor free for your first order. Try it for free now!