In recent times, a much more efficient online process can be introduced by clients and their agents to aid an interactive online experience for buyers. This virtual tour experience provides the real estate industry with a platform that has more compelling features and allows an all-encompassing experience that supersedes pictures alone. Fortunately, the process of creating a virtual tour for real estate is now stress-free and affordable.

Apart from the contribution of virtual tours in aiding buyers to experience a feeling of the home they intend to purchase before visiting physically, including a virtual tour to your listing helps it stay unique. Real estate listings that add a virtual tour usually receive much more reception and engagements.

Virtual tours are also identified as 3D walkthroughs or 3D tours. It provides an avenue for buyers to virtually tour and walkthrough a home for sale. The person who provides this online real estate experience is the online home shopper—who directs the parts of the house and the angles to be projected. It can be likened to the views on Google Maps, only that this is inside a home.

What is a Virtual Property Tour?

Virtual Tour For Real Estate

A virtual tour is a digital simulation of a property produced using a sequence of videos and images. The entity's views are depicted in visual and graphical images, which allows the viewer to experience the virtual reality of the property for sale as though they are present at the location. It accurately portrays what your business looks like to the viewer or buyer. With a virtual tour, viewers can visit a site and get a good view of how it looks without being physically present there.

Virtual Property Tours are fast becoming an essential introduction to the commercial and real estate property industry. The order is constantly changing, and technology is advancing as well. Clients and buyers now see the need for more features that can aid their purchase process to be efficient and worthwhile.

One factor often associated with buying a new home is the first shortlisting process which can be inefficient and time consuming for the sellers, buyers and agents. The stress of physical tours and setting a suitable schedule for the parties to meet can now be solved with virtual property tours.

Virtual Property Tours provides an interactive and user-friendly interface for the real estate industry and property developers through virtual tour solutions that offer a straightforward and effective mode of going about virtual tours of different properties.

Virtual Tours And Covid 19

Virtual Tour For Real Estate

What happened to Real Estate Agencies during the Covid 19?

Following the pandemic and the lockdown that succeeded it, business lockdowns have experienced a drastic increase. Everything that required in-person activities was shut down, and online marketing soared. For busy cities like Washington, D.C., Seoul, New York City, Los Angeles and others, the breakdown from a real estate point of view has been nothing less than disturbing.

Commercial office space is faring much worse as the vacancies in business spaces are beginning to grow higher. Thousands of workers are now discovering the convenience of working remotely, and companies start to migrate more workers to a tax and friendly business experience. Millions of companies and workers now sought a more manageable and healthier way of doing business during the pandemic.

As a result of this, the transition of the consumers as to how they react to their physical business spaces left real estate agencies, investors, and developers on edge. With the social distancing, agents were unable to give home or company for-sale tours.

Virtual tours rapidly increased during Covid 19

While the pandemic has left many industries in a wreck, the real estate market has evolved by using technological developments.

As important businesses were allowed to resurface during the lockdown, fortunately, real estate services were one of these that have been tagged as important businesses. Therefore, agents could carry on with properties listings and appointments. However, despite the provision for real estate to proceed with their business, realtors still face any COVID-19-related challenges since the market industry was significantly disrupted.

Therefore, realtors began to seek new ways to reach potential buyers using the open house experience that took form on the internet. With social platforms like Instagram Stories/Live, and Facebook Live, Zoom, agents can host virtual tours to their virtual buyers' networks.

Virtual tours allowed instant access to the homes to the homes buyers showed interest in using open forums to field questions and portray the similar experience as walking through the house, without any health risk.

How virtual tours changed the real estate industry

In real estate, the very recent advancements in technology are virtual tours and virtual realities. Today, real estate websites with virtual tours enable buyers to assess properties they wish to acquire. It also helps them make ground decisions faster before purchasing without being physically present in the house or space. These technological advancements enable real estate agents to explore graphics and digital media to grow their client network extensively.

With Virtual Tour changing the face of the real estate industry, parties can now have an all-around digital experience. It gives customers the luxury of viewing a building from the comfort of their homes, irrespective of their location.

What you can do with a Virtual Property Tour?

Virtual Tour For Real Estate

1, Online Viewing

Scheduling property visits, showing the clients around the property and making price negotiations can be time-consuming and cumbersome. But with virtual tours, clients can assess the homes for sale and discuss negotiations through online viewing. ]Virtual tour provides for efficient online interaction and engagement between clients and buyers.

2, Sales Tool

After the Covid 19 alterations to the world, the most massive change in real estate is the high trust clients have reserved for technology to aid their house buying process easier and faster and very much convenient. Virtual tours are the future most primary selling tool for home sales. A study showed that real estate sites that include virtual tours get more clicks compared to 2D pictures only. This means that real estate agents are likely to get higher prices in negotiations because clients prefer to select a real estate with virtual tours in their marketing.

3, Visits Analysis

The virtual tour simulation is set up by a sequence of pictures or videos, followed by texts, descriptions, audio and sound effects. It is arranged to represent the experience of real-site accurately. Because virtual tours can be accessed via an internet-connected computer, visitors can view and interact with an online environment space using computer tools.

These tours can also be accessed on other internet devices such as smartphones. Real estate agents can monitor the client's interests upon each visit by analyzing their feedback.

4, Property Values

As a result of the worldwide trust reserved for technological developments, clients place more value on homes that come with virtual tours as it gives them a sense of feel for their potential home regardless of their location. Real estate agents have also quickly embraced this advancement by adding virtual property tours for their homes for sale on site. It receives more engagements from viewers, thereby placing more value on the property.

Benefits of creating a virtual tour of properties

Virtual Tour For Real Estate

1, Increases site access: This advanced technology can provide a real estate website with increased traffic which will, in turn, attract more clients to the page. Real estate property listings with virtual tours receive over 30% more clicks than those using only 2D property pictures.

2, Increases inquiries: Virtual tours can be used as a sales or marketing tool. Usually, clients research businesses or locations before they make a buying decision. Whether they decide to buy or not most times depends on the information accrued during research. A virtual tour allows an increase in the inquiries chipped in by prospective clients.

3, Efficient sales process: In the listing of a new property for sale, the process of receiving unending phone calls, responding to feedback and meeting up with potential clients can be exhausting.A virtual tour helps to relieve this stress as customers can see the property with their devices, make direct inquiries, and receive instant feedback in real-time. It helps speed up their decision process, which leads to effective negotiations and aids the sales process.

4, Property details showings: Virtual tour helps to represent a depiction of properties for the potential buyer from the comforts of their homes. It provides an immersive experience for clients who can now navigate and select the parts of the property they would like to see without being physically present!

What is needed to introduce virtual tours?

360° Camera

Virtual Tour For Real Estate

When you share videos taken by a 360-degree camera online, people can use a mouse or touch screen to navigate through the inside of the image or video. Viewers can thoroughly explore the environment and the different surrounding views. It is becoming increasingly popular for tourist tours and property tours.

It's an all-around immersive experience that allows viewers, clients and friends to experience the graphics as though they were present there.

Virtual tour software

As explained earlier, a virtual tour software is a tool used to create a virtual reality of a particular business or, in this case, property. With this tool, prospective buyers can get a tour of the property virtually and experience it in real-time.


With today's cutting-edge technology, homebuyers can now view properties to a great extent without leaving the comfort of their location, and real estate agents can sit back and control efficient sales process virtually.

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