Virtual tours are important parts of different industries, with real estate topping the list. When making preparations for virtual tours, one thing to consider is the suitable virtual tour software to be used to effectively host and create tours. Choosing a great 360° camera is ideal, but selecting the right virtual tour software determines how far the experience goes.

Here, we analyze top virtual tour software, specifically taking a look at their pricing, uses, pros and cons, unique features and the best industries they fit into. A good look into our virtual tour software comparison gives you a good idea into what you should look out for when making your choices of software to purchase.

*Below information such as the prices, the features are based on our investigation at the time of August 1st, 2021.  There may be cases where that differs from the actual state.

RICOH360 Tours

Virtual Tour Software Comparison

RICOH360 Tours, provided by The Ricoh Company, Ltd., is a 360° virtual tour software that works either on 360° camera RICOH THETA, an android or iPhone smartphone. It’s priced at $45 per month for the pro package, $69 per month for the business, with each package coming with a 2-week free trial.

RICOH360 Tours is one of the easiest virtual tour software to use, even when compared with similar software. You only need to pair your RICOH THETA with the RICOH360 Tours app, and set up the camera in each room and take your shots. It takes just about 20 minutes to capture an average three-bedroom house.

RICOH360 Tours features the Ricoh reality kit and a monopod that can stand on its own. It also adds auto 2D still images feature, and up to 100 images of AI Virtual Staging for its business plan.

RICOH360 Tours works best for any industry. It can be used to easily capture and create 360° tours of real estate properties, museums, schools, restaurants and other business facilities.

3DVista Virtual Tour Pro

The 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro provides an advanced and professional virtual tour software at a price that’s pretty higher than most others. Unlike most software options, it comes as a one-off payment rather than monthly subscription. It is priced at $499 single payment rate.

Despite being an advanced program, its different features make it easier to use. It’s designed for multiple uses, from e-learning to live tours with video calls. Its icons, images, animations and customization options make each tour easy to experience.

It has the most advanced features for any virtual tour software. It’s an offline program that allows you to work directly from the desktop or anywhere you wish. It also has interactive options and a smooth transition that makes the software worth having.

As earlier mentioned, this virtual tour software is designed to work in different industries. From education for e-learning, to video calls for recreation purposes, the 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro works for different purposes. However, it’s mostly used in the real estate industry for standard real estate tours.


CloudPano 360° virtual tour software is particularly designed to enable users to create 360° virtual tours, while seeing the properties in full 360° and VR. It costs $49 per month. It also has a free version with limited features. Every user is entitled to a free trial.

It currently has over 16,000 users which makes it one of the widely used virtual tour software. This is because it’s got relatively easy to use features. And even if they weren’t, they have several instructional videos that help users of different levels and abilities understand how the software works.

CloudPano 360° virtual tour software allows entrepreneurs to start and grow virtual tour businesses on CloudPano. Not only does it have the live video chat option, it also allows for social media integration and Virtual Reality.

CloudPano fits into any industry that has business as an integral part of it. From 360° photographers, to digital and media companies, to real estate photographers and agents and entrepreneurs, CloudPano can be used to start, grow and scale any virtual tour business.


Klapty is one of the most popular virtual tour software around today, and this is because it has a free option that gives exceptional features. It allows users to create, edit and share virtual tours online. While most virtual tour programs have a price to them, Klapty allows users to enjoy its great features at no price.

Another reason why it’s a people favorite is because it’s quite easy to use, without so much technicalities around it. It can be used to create high quality 360° panoramas with just dragging and dropping options and text interfaces.

It has the feature that allows you to add images and texts to your canvas, linking them up with animated hot points. It also allows for social media integration so you can easily share your services to your audience. Although the free version doesn’t allow customization features, you can pay to customize and add important brand information.

Clearly, those that designed the Klapty virtual tour software had real estate in mind. Its features, even in its free version, makes virtual tours easier and enjoyable. It’s very useful for professional virtual reality tour services.

Kuula Pro

The Kuula virtual tour software is an outstanding brand that offers a worthy free version, and an exceptional Pro version. The Kuula Pro starts from $16 to $48 per month. The price you pay will depend on the feature you require.

It has a lot of custom features and its interface is very easy to use. The icons are numerous and descriptive enough for users to identify. They also have built-in images and videos, filters and lens flares, horizon correction, and zoom limits.

The features of the Kuula Pro makes it a great fit for professional services, and can allow users host virtual tours on their separate websites. It provides hosting, security and quality options for users, making it way better than the free version. You can also allow private tours for clients.

The Kuula Pro is useful in the real estate industry, or for anyone who’s interested in creating professional looking virtual tours. Digital and media companies can also take advantage of the great features that the Kuula Pro provides.


Matterport VR Tours stands out for its dollhouse 3D effects that give a good view of the building and its angles. It’s priced between $9.99 and $689, per month, depending on the feature that is required and paid for.

One hindrance for some virtual tour software is that they usually aren’t compatible with other cameras to enable the scanning, but the Matterport has been reengineered to include all-in-one 360° (best quality) cameras, making it easier to use. It also has a seamless and realistic 3D user experience, although images can’t be edited and must be uploaded on the site.

It’s a good option for high end virtual reality tours, mostly because of its fully immersive system. Although it doesn’t give a lot of customization choices, you can publish your tours to street view.

Matterport, without any doubt, is a great option for the virtual real estate industry. Its 3D and immersive virtual experience helps to keep customers interested, engaged, and convinced about what you have to offer. It gives a realistic experience, even more than most virtual tour software.


My360 allows you to create your own virtual tour the way you’ll want it done for $40 per month. Users also have access to 2 weeks of free trial and unlimited tours after you pay the price.

It’s quite easy to use because you’re able to make your OWN quick virtual tours the way you want your clients to experience it. Its gear features are likely the most customizable software available, which leaves you in charge of determining your virtual tour experience.

The My360 virtual tour has a number of great features, from white label tours, floor plans, pop-up videos and images, which put users through the process, to hotspots, website embedding, social media integration. Other features include contact forms and lead generators. The entire idea is for users to customize their experiences to one that suits their business goals best.

This virtual tour software fits into real estate, photography, dealership, interior design and architecture fields and much more. This works because it has a number of customizable features that allows users to create their unique experiences, irrespective of the field or industry they’re in.


The Pano2VR is distinct from most other VR tour software. It’s an external program that runs without internet connection, with data stored offline. It doesn’t have an option for monthly subscription and costs between $149 and $349 for a single payment.

While the external program allows you to create a number of customized virtual reality tours with links, images, videos and text all part of the programming, it’s not particularly easy to use. It requires a level of knowhow to operate efficiently. It has fewer options for dynamic interactions built into the VR tour creator when compared to other virtual tour software.

However, it has a remarkable range of features and it allows users to work with 360° videos. If you have the luxury of time and expertise, you can create your images, icons and other range of assets before you create your VR tour experience. You can also add dynamic features like video-in-photos and animated hotspots to upgrade your VR tour experience.

Its offline program feature is what makes the Pano2VR stand out from others and can be useful for professional photographers and real estate agents. Architects and interior designers can also find this virtual tour software useful.


The Panoskin virtual tour software comes in two packages – the basic plan which is free for users, and the Pro version which costs $20 per month. All versions come with a 10-day free trial of the Pro version, and no credit card detail is required. The Pro version is best for large and frequent projects.

It’s easy to use and offers a good amount of customization, so your tour experience can align with your needs. It also has a dedicated shareable link that allows users to share their tours with clients and audience via social media and email.

Panoskin has an embed feature that allows you generate leads while engaging your audience and clients. The program also allows you analyze your audience and drive your leads with its powerful analytic feature.

It’s already integrated with property systems, so it’s best for any business that wants to showcase their space, from hotels, hospitals, restaurants and schools, to professional photographers and content creators.


RoundMe may be one of those virtual software that don’t offer free trial, but have a free version, and pegged at $8.25 per month for the Pro version. It’s referred to as a ‘hassle free’ 360° panorama publishing and virtual tour platform that allow users to create immersive stories.

This virtual tour software makes it easy to create virtual reality images, upload and share panoramic images of real spaces. It features multimedia real space content that allows users to visit virtually and enjoy a hassle free 360° virtual reality platform.

RoundMe has a wide range of industries it can be useful in. Professional and amateur photographers, real estate agents, interior designers and architects, virtual tour production studios, 3D design studios, marketing and event agencies are some of the professional industries that can find RoundMe useful.


Virtual Tour Software Comparison

The virtual tour industry provides a wide range of software options that users can choose from. However, the choice made will depend on a couple of factors – budget, use and period of usage. The virtual tour softwares mentioned above are very useful in situations that involve immersing the user in a 3D environment (such as the introduction of properties or facilities). Therefore, you may only have to bother about the options each virtual tour software offers that suit your needs. Customization, dynamics, and ease of use should be the top factors you consider when making your decision.

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