We recently partnered with Architect and Owner of Albarran Architects, Franco Albarran, to host a webinar on how architecture, construction, and design professionals can make their design process more efficient by incorporating 360-degree technology into their workflow.

Webinar panelist: Franco Albarran

Franco runs a licensed full-service architectural design firm with a focus on custom residential projects, managing both the design and construction phases of the project with a unique Architect Led Design + Build process where the same design professional is the single point of contact from beginning to end. 

Introduction of Albarran architects

Franco has been using RICOH THETA for two years to help streamline his workflow. In this webinar, he covers the benefits of his model of choice: the RICOH THETA X, the latest model to join the RICOH THETA series with a large touch screen, interchangeable battery, and external memory card. Franco also demonstrates how he utilizes RICOH360 Tours, Ricoh’s proprietary platform that makes creating professional quality virtual tours easy, with virtual walkthroughs of some of his recent projects, as well as uploading and sharing photos with Google Photos. 

View of RICOH360 Tours
View of Google Photos

Franco speaks to Ricoh’s many benefits including the ability to view project progress remotely as well as reference existing components behind walls such as electrical wires or water lines, which can be a helpful reference point for plumbing or electric issues in the future. Both the RICOH THETA X and RICOH360 Tours platform proved to streamline workflow while also allowing Franco to easily share 360-degree tours with his team, clients, and utilize in marketing materials.

Existing components behind walls
Underfloor piping

To learn how Albarran utilizes RICOH THETA cameras and services to enhance his design business, tune into the webinar here: 


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