Recently, we hosted an interactive, educational webinar with Cupix, the frontrunner in AI-powered 4Das-built platforms. Our recent partnership with Cupix enhances the workflow and efficiency of construction professionals using our latest 360-degree camera, RICOH THETA X, alongside CupixWorks and CupixVista. This webinar was hosted by Chuck Pfeffer, VP of Product Marketing at Cupix who demonstrated how to use RICOHTHETA X with CupixWorks to offer unparalleled 3D spatial digital twin imaging solutions for built world professionals.


If you missed the webinar, read on for a recap and access the event on demand.



The RICOH THETA X 360-degree camera is now compatible with Cupix software, providing a new way of working with site surveys and as-built documentation. The RICOH THETA X camera has a large2.25-inch LCD touch panel, external memory card, replaceable battery, andbuilt-in GPS (QZSS) and A-GPS for accurate positioning of scans and strong lowlight capability. This camera enhances Cupix’s mission of empowering owners and builders to build smart and digitally connect the built world.



The first step for 3Dmapping is to capture the site with the RICOH THETA X. Simply connect the camera to your smartphone, carry it by hand or mount it on selfie stick, and record a 360-degree video as you walk through the site. Once you finish the video, stop the recording on your phone and upload it to transform the space into an immersive and realistic 3D dollhouse with the Cupix AI engine. Users can view the job site in SiteView in the CupixWorks program. CupixWorks is cloud-hosted for real-time collaboration and offers customizable SiteView configurations to cater for individual stakeholders.  



With just a short walk through with the RICOH THETA X, users can simply and effortlessly capture a 3D view of any job site. This method keeps labor and equipment costs down, saves time, and can be auto georeferenced. By utilizing the georeferenced 3D data in projects, users can measure distance, area, volume, and elevation to allow for greater accuracy and coordination.  


In summary, the webinar demonstrated how the integration of CupixWorks with the RICOH THETA X camera can provide exceptional 3D digital twin imaging solutions for professionals in the built environment.


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To learn more about the Ricoh and Cupix partnership, click here.