Have you ever wondered why people often mention RICOH THETA when thinking about creating virtual tours? Well, the best virtual tours replicate the experience of being there, so you should start with a high-quality 360° camera. Unfortunately, many high-quality cameras are incredibly hard to use. Not true with RICOH THETA! We focused on keeping it easy without sacrificing quality.

Why RICOH THETA Is Your Best Option for Creating Virtual Tours

There are many ways to create a virtual tour with a 360° camera, but the best option is using a RICOH THETA. The main reason is our focus on image quality.  Most of our cameras feature an automatic HDR mode; our THETA Z1 model even shoots RAW DNG images. However, here’s why many people trust Ricoh cameras for their virtual tours.


High-Quality Images

RICOH THETA sets the bar for 360° cameras due to its two 1-inch sensors, which are larger than most other options.

Very Easy to Use

Simply press the button to create stunning 360° images. RICOH THETA automatically adjusts for angle, tilt, and camera setting.

Easy to Carry

RICOH THETA cameras are lightweight and easy to carry. Some models weigh less than 100grams.


Take better pictures the first time with automatic HDR. Quickly edit those that need it with the available Lightroom plugin.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a virtual tour or just wanted a reliable 360° camera, trust RICOH THETA. Our 360° cameras are the perfect blend of usability and quality. They’re also easy to use, so anyone can create a virtual tour without having the expertise of a professional photographer.

Which RICOH THETA Should You Choose?

Your virtual tour is only as good as the quality of the images in it, which is why so many people trust Ricoh. Our cameras include features that are ideal for virtual tours, such as larger sensors, full editing capabilities, and automatic HDR modes. RICOH THETA 360° cameras come in multiple options that suit both professional and amateur photographers. Although the features may vary, your experience will not. RICOH THETA is simply the easiest way to shoot virtual tours.

Are you ready to virtually dazzle?  Choose from these RICOH THETA options:


RICOH THETA Z1: Need the highest quality images? This model has superior noise reduction, enhanced aperture mechanism, and the ability to save images in RAW for full editing capabilities.   As mentioned in many Ricoh tours reviews, this model features Lightroom integration that allows advanced editing.

RICOH THETA V: Want a movie-like experience? You’ll need better sound. Built-in four-channel microphones, 4K live streaming, and fast transfer speeds make this model the best choice for easy-to-create immersive experiences.

RICOH THETA SC2:  For an overall great value, choose THETA SC2. This affordable and accessible model easily adapts to a variety of environments and shoots in 4k. Best of all, the setup is fast. It’s ready to go in as little as 1.5 seconds.

RICOH THETA SC: For everything you need, and the simplest controls, choose the original SC model. It includes noise reduction and DR compensation, as well as remote shooting and HDR rendering in a conveniently small size.

RICOH THETA S: Enjoy high definition, advanced options, and small size with the THETA S. Stream in HD, shoot with long exposure and check settings while shooting with this option.

RICOH THETA m15: This easy-to-use, easy-to-carry option syncs with your smartphone, captures full HD videos up to five minutes long, and weighs only 95 grams. You may buy it for virtual tours, but you’ll end up using it everywhere.

How to use RICOH THETA 360° Cameras


Regardless of which model you choose, using RICOH THETA is simple and easy. You’ll only need your THETA camera, a smartphone, and the RICOH THETA app.

Connect:  Use your camera’s built-in wireless LAN connection to link your phone to your THETA.

Install & open the app: Install the RICOH THETA app to your phone and open it to launch remote shooting.

Shoot: Use your phone to shoot a virtual tour by clicking the video icon in the app.

Transfer images:  With a single click, transfer your videos to the app and share them from your phone.

Once you’ve mastered using your THETA 360° camera, try advanced photography options, such as 360° underwater tours or stunning night photography. Take stunning underwater images with an optional waterproof housing and underwater tripods, or use manual mode to adjust shutter speed, ISO, and white balance for night shooting.  

Want to do more with your images before sharing them? The THETA+ app lets you easily trim, add background music and adjust video speed from your phone.  For even greater editing capabilities, purchase the RICOH THETA Z1 and shoot in RAW.

Options: How to create a virtual tour with RICOH360 Tours

It’s not hard to create a realistic virtual tour with 360° camera options from Ricoh! Once you have your RICOH THETA, simply connect it to the RICOH360 Tours app over Wi-Fi to get started.  Here’s how to create your tours in three easy steps.

  1.    Shoot

Connect your camera to your phone. You’ll want the highest quality images when creating virtual tours, and this is where Ricoh’s auto HDR shines. You’ll also want to properly clean your lenses, create plenty of lighting and keep your tripod level.

  1.    Capture and label

Place your camera in the center of the room. Make sure you avoid any mirrors unless you’re shooting in RAW and don’t mind editing later. Capture your image and label the room. The app will sync your photos, and you can move on to the next room.  

  1.    Upload the tour

Now that your pictures are uploaded to the RICOH360 Tours app, you can easily share your tour on your website or over social media. We’ll even provide analytics to help track your results.

RICOH THETA’s HDR rendering, ease of use, and quick setup already make it the perfect choice for virtual tours. However, when you combine it with RICOH360 Tours, you have an all-in-one solution for creating seamless virtual tours that nearly take the place of being there.

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