Studies have indicated that staging a home makes it easier for the buyer to see themselves living in that home. According to Forbes, staged homes sell for 17% more than non-staged homes. Also, 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less, 87% faster than non-staged homes. This makes home staging very important. However, traditional(or physical) staging is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, hence the increasing resort to virtual staging. Furthermore, during the pandemic, when lockdowns were in place and movement was restricted, virtual staging gained popularity. Coupled with the obvious advantages which virtual staging has over traditional staging, a lot of realtors, interior decorators and photographers who started staging virtually continued with it even after the lockdown.

Virtual staging(also known as virtual home staging) is a real estate marketing tool in which a home is staged virtually using a virtual staging software or app. Virtual staging apps or software are basically graphic editors that enable you to furnish a house virtually. A virtual staging expert, creates interiors in specific styles by adding or editing colours, furniture, accessories, lighting, and other elements in a given space. There are also software and apps like RICOH360 Tours which allow you to stage your space by yourself.

Virtual staging is quite popular among real estate brokers, photographers, and interior designers. It is usually done to market a vacant home. When properties are virtually staged, they help prospective clients visualize the space better and perhaps see themselves living there.

Is virtual staging worth it? Definitely! Virtual home staging is about 90% cheaper than traditional home staging. Also, virtually staging a home can take any time between some minutes and 48 hours. You can also change furniture and style within short notice. This is unlike what obtains with physical staging which takes a whole lot of time to move and remove furniture and requires extensive planning and effort to change elements of the staging.

What is RICOH360 Tours?

RICOH360 Tours is the best professional DIY 360° virtual tour software that allows you to create 360° renderings of any space of your choice. So anybody, including you, can view your virtually staged space like you are there physically. This platform enables you to create, enhance, and share your 360-degree content. While anyone who may need a virtual tour can use this platform, RICOH360 Tours caters more specifically to real estate agents. To ensure that you use it efficiently and to the best of its abilities,  RICOH360 Tours offers an easy-to-use user interface, which allows you to  create 360° virtual tours in 3 easy steps. It also has unique AI enhanced features that makes your virtual tours professional quality. Finally, with RICOH360 Tours, you can easily share your content, whether on your own website or on social medias.

What is RICOH360 Tours AI Virtual Staging Beta

Virtual Staging

RICOH360 Tours AI Virtual Staging Beta is a feature that helps you to automatically arrange virtual furniture in any space. One amazing thing about this AI Virtual Staging Beta is that it can take as little as 10 minutes to arrange, with a maximum time of about an hour. It is also free to use if you have a RICOH360 Tours account. What's more? It is extremely easy to operate. Using the AI Virtual Staging Beta feature involves just three simple steps, one, upload a 360° photo to RICOH360 Tours and press the "execute" button; two, receive your results within 10-60 minutes and three, choose your virtually staged images and import. Your high quality virtually staged picture is ready for use.

Other Virtual Staging Options

There are a number of other options that can be used for virtual staging. This includes both software and apps and we would be talking about some of them below.


1)Box Brownie

  •  Pricing: $32/photo
  •  Turnaround time is 48 hours
  •  Offers image enhancement and retouching
  •  Offers 360° rendering – Real Estate Photo Editing, Virtual Staging & Floor Plans


  •  Pricing: A $16 per image plan for 8 or more images. A $19 per image plan for less than 8 images. Both plans have options for rapid delivery (within 24 hours) at an additional cost of $6 per image and super rapid delivery(within 12 hours) at an additional cost of $12 per image.
  •  Turnaround time is 24-48 hours
  •  Unlimited revisions
  •  Very realistic photos

Real Estate Virtual Home Staging, Photo Editing & 3d Renders | Styldod

3) Virtually Staging Properties

  •  Pricing: Ranges from $85 for one photo to $325 for five photos. $60 per additional photo
  •  Turnaround time is approximately 2 days
  •  One of the most expensive virtual staging platforms
  •  Extensive library of the latest trends

Virtual Staging | Sell Your Homes Faster & For Top Dollar (

4)Bella Staging

  •  Pricing: Virtual staging service cost $29.95 while a 3D Virtual Home Tour costs $32.50.
  •  Unlimited revision by the designers.
  •  Just submit the photos of the rooms you want staged, choose the style and receive the result via email as digital download.
  •  Photos will be redone if they are not eye-catching or do not look realistic enough. | Virtual Staging and Real Estate Photo Services – Bella Virtual Staging

5) Virtual Staging Solutions

  •  Pricing: Ranges from $300 for four photos to $600 for 8 photos with additional fee for rush service.
  •  Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.
  •  Submit photos of each room, choose a style from the available furniture options and the designer will do the rest.
  •  Remodeling and restyling is also available

Virtual Staging Solutions | Digitally Furnish Any Home

6)Visual Stager

  •  Pricing: Visual Stager makes use of credits as the website currency. It takes 10 credits to stage one photo and credits cost from $15 for 10 credits to $699 for 1000 credits. However, virtual staging plans paid for with normal currency are available. The White Label Lite plan costs $10 per month paid yearly or $15 per month; while the White Label Standard plan goes for $20 per month paid yearly or $30 per month.
  •  A DIY virtual staging software
  •  Can also be used to style your space.
  •  You can also erase existing furniture. Offers more than 4,000 furniture items.

VisualStager - Click - Stage - Engage | VisualStager



  •  Pricing: Tier 1, 4 virtual stagings costing $415.

Tier 2, 6 virtual stagings costing $589.

Tier 3, 9 virtual stagings costing $835.

  •  Turnaround time is approximately 2 to 3 days.
  •  Offers 3D virtual staging.
  •  You can create your own custom style for your space.
  •  Available only on iOS.


  •  Price: Ultra($29 per month or $299 per year), Ultimate($69 per month or $699 per year, Enterprise(price upon request).
  •  This is a DIY, easy to use virtual experience builder and it can also be used to create virtual showrooms and VR exhibitions.
  •  Turns compatible smartphones into a 360° camera.
  •  Available on iOS and Android.

iStaging | 720° Virtual Tour Creator | Start Building Your VR Experience Now


Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a relatively new approach to staging homes. It is an exciting and captivating field with the potential to become the future of home staging. As a realtor or real estate agent thinking about incorporating virtual staging into your business, you will come across a lot of options. Some of these options have their strong points in one or two areas, but the best virtual home staging solution has to be the RICOH360 AI Virtual Staging feature for the following reasons. Firstly, you can reduce your cost by using its several free functions if you have a RICOH360 Tours account. Secondly, it takes the shortest time(between 10-60 minutes), compared to other options, to produce your virtually staged photos. Also, this software produces very high quality, photorealistic photos.

Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use. You don't require any special technical knowledge to use this software. Not to forget that it is also easy to share your photos anywhere you want, even to instant messaging sites, social media and so on. In conclusion, it is the best virtual staging software online.

RICOH360 Tours AI Virtual Staging software is what you need to turn your business around, reach more customers and close deals faster. Try RICOH360 Tours now and be eligible to use the luxury virtual staging software.

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