In this edition, we will be talking about personal branding.

In the real estate world, you’re not selling a product — you’re selling a lifestyle.

When your clients want to buy a new home, they’re not thinking about their current life. They’re dreaming of their future selves. They’re walking around a potential future property asking themselves one question: What could my life become?

Understanding this fact will help you unlock the next level of sales opportunity. Tap into the emotional wants and needs of your potential buyers. Sense what’s driving them to make a significant change in their life.

But how?

Your own personal brand is a fantastic place to start. Don’t try to convince your followers to spend their money. Show them why spending their money will help them achieve their dream.

Think about it. As a real estate agent, first and foremost, your social media is a source of advertising. A new listing here. A new set of photos there. Maybe some other information about the ebbs and flows of the markets.

RICHO360 Tours is a dynamic and transformative tool for real estate agents and their personal brands. Our innovative cameras allow you to create a clean and elegant virtual tour of properties in just a few minutes.

Easy, simple, and effective.

Presenting these tours as part of your personal brand can help maximize your sales. Here are the 5 steps to building your personal brand with RICOH360 Tours.

1.  Determine Your Brand or Your Area of Expertise

You already know this. What are you selling? How are you selling it? Apply the same strategies that you do daily to understand where your personal brand fits in the greater landscape.

2.  Setup Social Network Accounts

Create a profile across all major social networks: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Use the same name, images, and descriptions across these platforms.

3.  Start Creating and Posting to Your Feeds

Post anything that feels right: marketing materials, behind-the-scenes images, photos of new listings, information, whatever.

Each platform can reach a different audience in a new and exciting way.

Virtual Tours: Facebook

Virtual tours will help separate you from your competitors. Buyers may be getting more comfortable shopping for homes via video tours. Three out of five home shoppers say they’d be willing to purchase a home after only a virtual tour, according to a new survey of more than 800 home buyers conducted by Rocket Mortgage. *1

Videos: Youtube, Instagram/Facebook reels/stories, Twitter, TikTok

Videos, in particular, are great for driving engagement — especially a virtual tour. Use our AI technology to generate virtual tour videos.

2D images: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

You can use our AI auto cropping function to create 2D images from your virtual tour.

4.  Grow Engagement with Your Followers

Regular posting, interaction, and signaling to your followers will grow engagement. Understand that it won’t happen overnight. Growth requires persistence and consistency.

5.  Convert Your Followers into Customers

By following these steps, your personal brand will eventually become a resource for buyers, and they will know that you’re the one they should contact for buying their next home.

Again, success in this world won’t happen instantly. But with consistency comes success.

Now get out there and grow your brand!

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