Embed your blog with” is the comprehensive THETA website.
If you create a user account, you can upload 360-degree images that you have shot to You can also specify a URL address on for sharing 360-degree images with other people.
On the computer website, you can acquire the embedded HTML code of the uploaded 360-degree images to embed and display on your own blog.
In order to use, you first need to create a user account.
*Note that regulations prohibit the commercial use of embedded 360-degree images on For commercial use, sign a 360biz agreement (
*360-degree videos and still images can be saved and viewed on

Registering for a user account;

(1) Tap the menu icon on the top right of and then tap “Log in.”

*This example is for smartphone.

(2) Select the “Agree to Terms of Use” check box and tap “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Twitter.”

Enter your account ID and your password to log in.

(3) After logging in, your user account screen will be displayed.

Viewing/Sharing images at Using a smartphone

In the RICOH THETA basic app, select the images to share from “Device images.”

(1) Tap the share icon on the top right.
Select either “Share in this orientation” or “Share without specifying the orientation.”

(2) Swipe the “#theta360” option and tap “Complete.”

You can also share a link to on Twitter.

(3) Upload complete.
Tap the right arrow icon, start Safari and check your upload.

(4) Safari screen
Share images by selecting the images and then tapping the share button to create a URL link

(5) View the images uploaded on your user account page.

Viewing/Sharing images at Using a PC

Start the THETA app for computer
Open the 360-degree image captured using THETA or drag and drop the image into the app. (Refer to 5) Saving/Viewing images on your PC)

(1) Click “Log in” under the “” menu.

(2) Select the “Agree to Terms of Use” check box and click “Login with Facebook.”

*To share images on Twitter, click “Login with Twitter.”

(3) Enter your Facebook account ID (phone number or e-mail address) and your password to log in.

(4) After clicking “Post (share on social media)…” under the “” menu,

Click “POST”

(5) Click “Check with browser.”

(6) The web browser starts and you can check that your images have been shared to

Embedding images in a blog:

(1) Log in to on a computer.

(2) Select your image of choice from the image list on My Page.

(3) Click “Embed” copy the displayed embedded HTML code and embed it in the blog HTML.

Overwriting the “500” section of the code with “100%” displays the image in full size on the page.

* images cannot be embedded on some blog sites.

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