How to Shoot So That the Photographer Does Not Appear in the Shot (SC2 for Business)

THETA SC2 for Business is equipped with a Time Shift function that uses the front and rear lens separately to shoot at different times and composite captured images. Using this function enables images to be taken so that the photographer does not appear in the shot even in locations with nowhere to hide such as behind or under objects.

Standingon the shutter button side during the 1st shot and then moving to the oppositeside of the shutter button for the 2nd shot enables the photographer to take animage where they will not appear in the shot.

Thespecific shooting method is shown below.

【Shooting method】

1.   When the power button on THETA SC2for Business is pressed and the power turns ON but wireless LAN is OFF (thewireless icon is not displayed), press the wireless button to turn on thewireless LAN.

2.Start the smartphone THETA app and then set up a wireless connection betweenthe smartphone and THETA SC2 for Business. Click here for detailson how to connect wirelessly

3. Check that mode is set to “Room”in the smartphone app and then tap the “Shooting settings” icon at the topright of the shooting screen.

*Time Shift is a function that can only be used whenstarting with the “Room” preset. It cannot be used during normal still imageand video shooting.

4.Turn on Time Shift in the shooting settings.

*Turning offthe camera while the Time Shift function is turned ON will not turn off theTime Shift setting. Time Shift will remain turned ON. Referto the table below for the setting changes and behavior of each function.

*1 The Time Shift function does not work when the self-timer is turned OFF.

*2 The number of seconds of the self-timer used when shooting both shots (from thefront and rear lens) during Time Shift is the same.

*When a “1|2” icon is displayed onthe camera’s LCD display, the Time Shift function is ON.

5. Press the camera shutter buttonor the [Shooting] button in the smartphone app.

6.Shooting begins first at the lens on the side opposite to the shutter button.The photographer should move to the “shutter button side” of the camera toensure they are not captured in the shot taken by the lens that is shooting theimage.

7.Subsequently, shooting automatically starts at the lens on the opposite side ofthe camera a few seconds later as specified by the timer (default is fiveseconds). The photographer should move to the “opposite side of the shutterbutton”.

8.It’s done! Shooting ends without the photographer being captured in the shot.Check the image after transferring it to your smartphone.

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