Editing video using the THETA+ app

Note: Support for the THETA+ app has ended in January 2023.

1.Open the THETA+ app (iOS/Android) and then tap the video icon at the top left of the viewing screen to display a video list. Tap and select the image you want to edit to open it.

2.Tap the pink circle icon at the bottom center of the screen.

3.The editing screen allows you to perform editing tasks such as selecting a view that best fits your video from the five view types that include “Little Planet” to change how the video is shown, changing filters, playback time and video speed, and adding music and sub-screens.Tap the check mark on the top right after editing to return to the preview screen.

4.Tap the icon on the bottom left of the preview screen to export the image.

5.The exported image is saved to Camera Roll. This can also be posted directly to SNS from any of the SNS icons at the bottom of the screen.

6.If you want to move and edit the video to a preferred orientation, during step 4, tap the icon at the bottom right of the preview screen to transition to the video cropping screen.

7.To crop the video, first tap the pink circle icon at the bottom center of the screen.

With the bottom center icon displayed completely in pink, tap the screen and move it to your preferred movement. Then tap the bottom center pink icon once again to crop the video with your preferred movement.

The edited image can be directly exported and saved to Camera Roll or posted to social media as is.

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