Sharing on Facebook

Sharing images on Facebook:

You can share 360-degree images taken by THETA to multiple friends since Facebook supports 360-degree images.

By using Facebook, you can specify and share only the person you want to share 360-degree images, or you can share it as an album.

Both 360-degree videos and still images are available on Facebook.

(1) Select an image from the thumbnail screen of the RICOH THETA basic app.

(2) Tap the share button on the top right.

(3) Tap “Share on Facebook, etc.” and then tap the Facebook logo.
Post to Facebook after setting the privacy and adding comments as necessary.

(1) Tap “Photo/Video” on the Create a Post screen on Facebook.

(2) After selecting the image to share, tap “Done”.

(3) Enter a caption and tap “Share.”
The image will have a 360-degree image icon.

(4) After sharing your post, an icon with the angle of the 360-degree image that is currently displayed, and the message “Tilt or drag to look around” is displayed.

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