How to shoot and edit images surrounded by flowers

Note: Support for the THETA+ app has ended in January 2023.

Would you like to make a THETA image surrounded entirely by flowers as often seen on Instagram and similar social media?

We will introduce an editing technique that uses shooting techniques and the THETA+ app (iOS/Android).

1.Shoot an image with the THETA camera as close as possible to the flowers.

*Using a selfie stick will enable you to shoot an even more beautiful image.

2.Open the captured 360-degree image in the THETA+ app and then edit it with the “Little Planet” view.

Tap and hold the image to rotate it around.

3.You end up with an image that looks like you are surrounded by flowers!

Export the image after adjusting it to the preferred angle.

Click here for details on how to edit still images using the THETA+ app.

4.Editing with “Little Planet” and changing the angle enables you to edit and create various images.

Be sure to try editing your images at different angles.

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