How to shoot fun group photos

It’s easy with THETA! We will introduce a method to shoot group photos that convey a fun atmosphere.

As you know, taking group photos with many people can require some effort and be difficult as shown in the above photos.
Using a smartphone to take the selfie can cut people out of the shot, and it is not easy to capture the mood of the scene or people’s expressions.

Steps to shoot and edit using THETA

1.Set THETA to self-timer mode and attach it to a monopod.

*Click here for how to set the self-timer mode for each camera model.

2. Place THETA* on an extended monopod at the center of the group and then have each person line up around the camera at even intervals. *Please keep THETA horizontal with the ground as you raise the monopod. If you incorrectly hold THETA at an angle, the monopod will appear in the image.
3. Move as close to THETA as possible, raise both hands in the air and then press the shutter button.
4. For the default setting, the photo is taken five seconds after pressing the shutter button.

Bad example: When people stand too far and keep too much distance from THETA, the photo has too much space and creates a feeling of loneliness in the shot.

Complete images are shown here.

You can see that getting close to THETA and simply raising both hands creates a fun 360-degree group photo.

When shooting to create a fun atmosphere.

When shooting as normal.

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