How to shoot good photos of faces - SC2

People who own a THETA SC2 can use Face mode to take good photos of faces with ease.

1. Connect the smartphone to THETA, and display the shooting screen.

2. Select the face icon in the center of the upper section of the shooting screen.

3. Select “Face” from the presets and shoot.

Shooting hand-held will result in the user’s hand appearing in a significant portion of the photo. Accordingly, we recommend that you set the camera in self-timer mode when shooting, and use a monopod or a tripod to shoot.

*Pressing the self-timer button at the bottom on the side of the camera body causes the timer mark on the OLED on the front of the camera body to light.

<Switching the shooting mode from the camera body>

Press the Mode button on the side of the camera body to switch shooting mode from “Auto” to “Preset.”

*”Face,” “Night View,” and “Lens-by-Lens Exposure” can only be selected from the app.

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