How to skillfully shoot and edit people and food

It’s easy! We will introduce a method to shoot people having a meal.

As you know, taking photos of food and the surrounding area with many people can require some effort and be difficult as shown in the above photos.
Using a smartphone to take the selfie can cut people out of the shot, and it is not easy to capture the food or people’s expressions.

Steps to shoot using THETA

1.Set THETA to self-timer mode and attach it to a monopod.

(Setting the self-timer instead of using the remote shutter means you do not need to check the smartphone screen and gives you more freedom to pose because both hands are free.)

*Click here for how to set the self-timer mode for each camera model.

Simply position THETA in the middle of the table, press the shutter button and then pose!
If the self-timer is at the default setting, the photo is taken five seconds after pressing the shutter button.

Important points: Gather the food dishes around THETA as much as possible.
You can also create a more dynamic photo by having people opening their mouth to eat and holding their fork while posing.

Complete images are shown here

How to edit captured 360-degree images

1.Open the THETA+ app  (iOS/Android) and then select the captured image.

2.Select the Little Planet view and rotate the image so that the ceiling lies at the center.

3.Crop the image to a preferred size and then select the top right check button to save and share the image.

A fun remembrance photo framed by food!

You can easily store away a memory of the food and people with you on the day into a single photo.

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