Wi-Fi connection and troubleshooting

Upon purchase of THETA, first install RICOH THETA, the THETA basic app (free of charge), to your smartphone.

Using this app, connect THETA and your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Images captured using THETA will be stored temporarily in THETA and then transferred to your smartphone through the Wi-Fi connection. Transferred images can be viewed using the RICOH THETA basic app. You also need to connect THETA and smartphone via Wi-Fi when you shoot THETA remotely.

After carrying out the Wi-Fi settings on the RICOH THETA basic app just once, you will be able to connect easily to THETA during subsequent image transfers.

* The transferred images can be viewed on the app “RICOH THETA”.


On iOS 14.5 or later devices, THETA SC2 /SC2 for business may not be able to operate RICOH THETA via wireless LAN connection frequently.

Please update THETA firmware and THETA app to solve the problem. Please check below for the detail.

Request for firmware version upgrade for iOS 14.5 or later wireless LAN connection failure in “RICOH THETA SC2 / SC2 for Business”

<Settings upon purchase>

(1) Install the RICOH THETA app to your smartphone.

(2) “Register” on the app.
・ Enter the serial number listed on the back of THETA.
・ Tap “Register” on the top right to complete the registration.

<When transferring images>

(1) Turn THETA on.

(2) Check whether the Wi-Fi mark on THETA is flashing. If the mark is not flashing, press the Wi-Fi button (below the power button).

(3) Start the app.
Tap the “THETA” icon.

(4) Select the camera to connect based on the displayed serial number.

(5) Tap “Join”

(6) After connecting via Wi-Fi, tap the “Images in camera” icon on the bottom left to display the list of captured images.

In case you cannot connect your THETA to smartphone even though you tried above steps, please follow the steps below.

・Check if the Wi-Fi is turned ON

・Check if the Wi-Fi is not connected to other public Wi-Fi, and delete if there are strong Wi-Fi networks.

・Reset and reboot THETA by pressing both the Power and Wireless button for 8 – 9 seconds.

・Turn off THETA. Reopen your THETA app and reboot your THETA.

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